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Seattle Helix, May 1968

Portrait of my the main character form my mould map 3 story, I will be continuing with this story, although this man won’t be the main character…

Just finished draft 2!


Feeling nailed? It’s ok.


Hopefully THIS will get printed next week…!

COMFORT BREAK HALO by Leon Sadler_________________________________________________________________
"I’m working on this new little book, I’ve done a few test prints but I think there are still bits I want to change. I might bring a few of the prototypes to sell at SAFARI though!”

COMFORT BREAK 01 by Leon Sadler_________________________________________________________________
A weird book I made at the beginning of the year, I don’t bring these out very often because I only made 20 or so, they are a combination of found yearbook pages and other stuff I made to go with them - they are all unique so it’s better to see them in real life. I’m gonna bring a couple to exhibit at SAFARI this saturday, so you are welcome to come and have a look at them!

this is for something for Goodpress who are also gonna be at SAFARI, if it comes from the printers in time, they’ll be bringing some giant print of my drawing :)))

I just posted some warm-up drawings on my blog:


You’ll be able to buy Stefan Sadler’s latest comic THE VIOLENT AGAINST THEMSELVES from us at SAFARI festival in London this Saturday!

Please attend and buy as many of our books as possible

Discount available for students and anyone on benefits

PLEASE NOTE we will not be selling books to any babyboomers so if you are in that generation please do not attend!