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delvers in dungeons dark & deep…

Don Caballero’s early “Unresolved Karma" / "Puddin’ In My Eye" 7" on Broken Giraffe Records, 1992. Cover art by Paul Brainard. I was living in Pittsburgh when I bought this and saw Don Caballero many times, including their very first show. Of what I’ve heard by the group, this is still my favorite thing they’ve done, mainly for "Puddin’ In My Eye".

(Source: peacesqueeze)

noel freibert
Uri Fischer–”Vain Sauce”, 2003

Philippe Verheyen dissecting his amputated limb, ca. 1715

A spread from MS II Resurrection by Gabriel Corbera.  Buy it now (here) for only $3! Too good to miss.

CRoooZIN! joy ridin’ free wheelin’ nice out gammin’ slammin velveteen race car riot gold totem sphinx custum krash path whammy, filler up!


Nowt is coming back.


Yess! It’s going to be out earlier next month