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Mercedes-Benz Roboterrettungsdienst (RescueBot) concept by me.
I originally intended to design a turbo diesel-powered mech superhero because I’ve long admired the fantastic properties of diesel engines, but when I started this I realized it worked better as an emergency robot that could replace the Mercedes-Benz Roadside Assistance human program by responding to vehicles in crisis before paramedics arrive, moving the driver and occupants to safety, administering first aid and/or CPR, and even extinguishing flames from a fire.
This is just a raw initial sketch. Next is a 360° illustrator rendering and possibly miniature 3d mockup.

GRAF poster by Gabriel Corbera on Flickr.

A spread from MS II Resurrection by Gabriel Corbera.  Buy it now (here) for only $3! Too good to miss.


Space Face subscription ad drawn by John F Malta!
In the next year, Space Face will be working with Jason Murphy, John F Malta, Michael Jordan, Jonny Negron, Jordan Speer, Marthe Jung, Gabriel Corbera, JMKE, HTML Flowers, Lauren Monger, Simon Hanselmann, Michael DeForge and Lale Westvind!  Wow! Get some comic books!
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This is going to be closing soon! 

CRoooZIN! joy ridin’ free wheelin’ nice out gammin’ slammin velveteen race car riot gold totem sphinx custum krash path whammy, filler up!


Nowt is coming back.


Yess! It’s going to be out earlier next month
Will Benedict

Rory Hayes
fuck yeah
(Henry Rollins and Ian MacKaye when they worked at Häagen-Dazs)
photo by Susie J. Horgan